Conceptualised on tea times at college and formed in summer of 2004, animotionstudio has come a long way from a small garage studio with 2 workstations to a creative hub of ideas, visions and technology. Founded by two budding designers the studio has been working for past 14 years on 3d design, photography and Virtual reality projects for various developers,  architects, designers and end users.

Our artwork experiences include architectural design, interior design, landscape design  and general visual experiences  with 3d views rendering, 3d animation, 3d isometric views, 3d stereoscopy, 3d walkthrough video, 3d 360, photography, virtual tours and VR AR design for   Residential, commercial, private properties and institutional spaces such as temples, colleges, schools etc.

Based in Ahmedabad and Pune and with projects across India and Internationally, our team of designers strive to create engaging colour pallets of 3d design artworks, photography archives and Virtual reality experiences with each project having its own language, theme, persona and dimensions.

Our techno design processes are constantly updated and fresh design ideas are adopted and newer technologies researched with and constantly upgraded. Very well managed and streamlined production and execution processes make our tasks easy to create and deliver with amazing quality.

Our 3d architectural and interior artworks and experiences are created with a vision to help our clients in all possible arenas from selling the real estate or design idea to just visualisation for design process.


Interactive design support, branding visuals or images and video experiences for client visualization and promotion. The team at animotionstudio understands your visualisation needs and is capable of designing stunning and breathtaking visuals for your projects. From creating visualization images and videos to creating 360 interactive panoramas, our team of artists craft an experience that ensures the sale ability of the conceptualized project.
Our services in 3D Rendering includes Pre visualisation support,Property  3D Isometric View, 3D Interior or 3D Exterior rendering, Video walkthrough, fly-throughs and 360 interactive panoramic tools, 2D Floor Plans. Our tech infrastructure ensures that ideas are converted to real marketable visuals cost effectively and on time.
Still Images | Video Walkthrough | 360 Panorama


Spaces speak languages. And the pictures we capture interpret the same. Defining the design, capturing the lights and speaking volumes through our Architectural photography, we archive your designs with our expertise and technology.
Our photo services include on site still photography, Video shoots and presentations and 360 panoramic photos.
Photography | Videography | Panorama


Personalized, immersive, state of art breathtaking experiences. Thats how we can describe the new and upcoming technologies of VR/AR. The future is here and we are there to make it easy for you to use all the new tech.
Be it Virtual visits or augmented experiences our team of expert game artists can create environments and visual experiences for all platforms using many latest technologies.
Our cross platform VR/AR interactive services include experiences on 3d glasses, Mobile VR, Vive, Occulus, Hololens, PC, XBOX and Playstation. All experiences are supported on Android, IOS, MacOS, Linux Distros and game consoles.